Hands up, who needs help with their style?

The clothes you wear tell a story. They speak about you, your personality, your choices.

Book in a styling chapter with me and you’ll come away having fallen in love with your style all over again (or for the first time).

We’ll dress you to suit your body shape, your colouring and your complexion. You won’t blend into the background but stand out for all the right reasons. You’ll regain your confidence and you’ll look and feel amazing.

Starting a new chapter

Whatever the change in your life, moving on to the next chapter is about finding your true style, growing in confidence and becoming the person you’re meant to be. Building a stylish wardrobe is an important part of that page turn, to enable you to move on, feel great and take on the next chapter.

Style on a budget

Whatever your budget, you can dress with style. Together we’ll find the purse-friendly options to make you look and feel great, every day.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from £100 per person for a 90 minute session, with a free initial Discovery Call. These sessions take place online (or in person when regulations allow) and cover whichever aspect of your clothing you’d like to explore. Call me today to find out which bespoke package is best for you.

I also have gift vouchers available – they make the perfect gift for Mothers Day, big birthdays or anyone wanting to liven up their wardrobe. So drop some hints or snap them up for your friends!

Sounds good? Book your free Discovery Call today:




I visited Lucienne from Next Chapter Styling for a colour consultation. She made me feel very welcome and at ease through the whole process. I could really see the colours making a huge difference to my complexion and can’t wait for my chapter 2! I learned so much during my session about colours which have already got me thinking differently about my makeup and overall colours in my wardrobe! Thank you so much, I honestly can’t wait for part two!