Lucienne Gage – Next Chapter Styling

Well, thanks for stopping by – I’m delighted you’d like to know a bit more about me.

After all, I am the person who’ll be talking about your wardrobe, your body shape, your personality and complexion.

So, let’s get to know one another a little better, shall we? I’ll start…

Chapter one – my childhood

I was shy as a child. I wasn’t all that happy, either. I was seen and not heard and didn’t get a say in anything. Except my clothes, some of which were made by my mother.
Stepping into the fabric shop was like entering a magical world of colour. I adored the fabrics, the colours, the textures, the endless bits of haberdashery. Had I been allowed, I’d have lingered for hours, thumbing through the pattern books and getting lost in a world of clothes.

Once home, I’d watch my Mum transform pieces of fabric into cut out pattern pieces and then into beautifully fitting garments. I loved the feel of the soft fabric and being able to choose beautiful colours. My Mum even made me a faux fur coat out of an old coat of hers – I felt warm, cosy and protected when I wore it.

School wasn’t the happiest time for me, and I did my best to blend into the background, walk around the halls unnoticed. The only lesson I enjoyed was needlework, and I found I had quite a talent for it. I loved creating clothes from pieces of fabric and it’s a hobby I still enjoy to this day.

Chapter two – independence

When I got my first Saturday job in a hairdressing salon, I was able to buy my own clothes. It was like a whole new world had been opened to me – a total revelation. I finally discovered my own sense of style.

From there I worked in a department store, surrounded by wonderful clothing, and honing my customer service skills. I adored helping the ladies who came in to find the perfect outfits for their occasions.

Chapter three – my family

As happens so often, I lost my own identity again when I had my family. I put them first, became ‘Mum’ and my sense of self slipped away, temporarily.

It was a gift of a colour analysis session that brought me back to style. I once again knew what colours suited me and how to dress to suit my style rather than blend into the school yard.

My confidence came back and, like the ripple effect, it seeped into every aspect of my life until I was ready to take a new step to enrol on a course and retrain in business studies at the local college.

Chapter four – branching out

After taking voluntary redundancy from my ‘paying the bills’ career, I knew I wanted to branch out and do something for myself, career-wise. A friend asked me to alter her daughter’s evening dress and my love of all things clothes immediately clicked back into place – I knew what I was going to do next.
I trained as an image consultant, gathered all my knowledge and experience together and set up Next Chapter Styling.


I doubt it. And I can’t wait to discover my own new chapters, as well as yours.

Now, it’s your turn. Contact me for a chat about your clothes, your style and how you’d like to take your story forward.