A selection of my clients start their Next Chapters


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CHAPTER: Embracing colour

Lara approached me looking for some advice on what to wear to best represent herself within her business, specifically around what colours to wear.

I was delighted to work with Lara, and to help boost her confidence to wear more colour and a touch of makeup. I love Lara’s website revamp and her personal brand really shows through.

It’s wonderful to know that, as a result of our stress-free personal shopping trip, Lara is no longer scared of shopping for clothes. And how wonderful that she feels empowered to wear her brand colours with confidence everyday.

“I had a colour session with Lucienne in preparation for a photoshoot and revamp of my business website Lucienne has shown me what a difference wearing the right colours can have both in your appearance but also your confidence.

I am no longer scared of shopping and have had many compliments about my new clothes which never happened before. She also showed me the difference of wearing just a touch of makeup would have. I arrived at her session a little apprehensive and left feeling like a new woman.

I have already recommended Lucienne’s services to a number of people and would not hesitate to do so in future.”




I have known Karen for a couple of years and she has helped with mentoring for my business. It was my privilege to work with her to discover her first chapter with colour.

She was launching a new business, The business pilot and asked for my help with which colours to wear for a photo shoot. Karen has recently been awarded the Slimming World title of Woman of the Year in her group. And really wanted some new clothes that fitted her now.  

As this was during covid we worked online, to discover her starting palette. Her reaction was. “Wow how can the right colour make so much difference?”  In reply I commented. “I love colour magic. It makes everyone smile. “

“I wasn’t sure what to expect as have never done anything like this, but my fears were quickly put to rest! Lucienne put me at ease, helped me at every stage, and I can genuinely say it’s made a HUGE difference to not only what I wear but in myself too!

 I’d definitely recommend spending some time on you, and booking a session with Lucienne, it may only be an hour or so, but it makes a long term difference to how you see yourself.”



When I met Natalie whilst business networking, she explained that her business was as a virtual PA for creatives, and she loved being creative herself.  As we were talking she admitted that she had difficulty putting outfits together, especially colours for herself. Colour analysis was something she had always been interested in. We put a date in the diary for her first chapter with colour.  

Although this was during Covid it was at a time when we could meet in person. Her reaction was magical, her face lighting up as we discovered her colours. I was able to answer lots of questions and give her clarity on which colours she should choose going forward.  We have also planned a live or virtual shopping trip to transform her wardrobe further.

“I had always wanted to get my colours done and Lucienne did not disappoint!

The whole time I felt relaxed and at ease and I came away with a whole new colour scheme and a greater sense of self confidence.

I can highly recommend NCS to anyone who needs a revamp or a new direction.

Well worth it!”



Janine is the founder of a knowledge management practice business. 

After our initial Discovery Call, it was clear that for Janine, she needed the whole colour and style picture, not just one part. So we booked in a number of chapters, starting with colour, body shape and finally her style personality – the piece that pulls all of the jigsaw together.  

Janine loved how the style personality chapter bought all the information she had learned about herself together. She has reconnected with style and knows how to dress the real Janine.  Now her personal confidence and authenticity shine when making business presentations.  


“The consultation has had a profound effect on my decision making when it comes to choosing clothes and stepping into colour.

Demystifying my taste in clothes coupled with the practicalities of what works for me in and outside of business has given me the insight to dress with a newfound confidence. I’ll be knocking on Lucienne’s door again when it is time for the second chapter.