The start of my journey into style : Guest blog by Janine Weightman

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Lucienne Gage Style Blog

The start of my Journey with Lucienne – Guest Blog by Janine Weightman

Suddenly it all makes sense. Pretty much a lifetime of not ‘getting’ fashion and just winging it, and a consultation with Lucienne gave me the knowledge and confidence to literally start my next chapter of style.

I contacted Lucienne to help me find my new business style. After starting my own business and looking to create consistency in my brand, I was keen to evaluate my personal style. I was looking for guidance on helping me still be me, but bring out the confident business woman inside. As a rock chick through and through, my wardrobe is a sea of black and my former ‘work clothes’, although nice, represented me as an employee trying to fit a corporate expectation. All of this coincided with the Covid-19 lockdown and, as if emerging from a hibernation, I just felt different. Opening the doors to my wardrobe just felt like looking at the past, a wardrobe frozen in time that just wasn’t going to help me cut it in my next phase of business and life. Don’t get me wrong, the rocky biker-esque clothes will always be me outside of business, but for the first time in my life, I craved a bit of colour and pzazz to launch my mood and new direction.

I’ve heard of people ‘getting their colours done’ so I thought, why not give it a try. I wanted to understand the colours that were right for me and also complemented my brand identity. What I got from my sessions however was more than a colour palette. Through her structured approach, insightful questions, and expert eye, Lucienne helped me revolutionise my understanding of myself. True story.

We started with the canvas – my body shape, and what styles worked for me. It all fell into place why I struggled with some clothes and others seemed made for me. The next session was about personality and, as I brought out the selection of love/hate clothes I had amassed, Lucienne filled in all the missing pieces as to why I liked or loathed different items. Talk about pennies dropping in my mind! It wasn’t that the items were hideous, they just well…weren’t ‘me’. The final session took me to Lucienne’s wonderful studio, a relaxing place to explore colour theory and what worked for me. As she layered up the colours on me we observed the effect it created. I’m convinced Lucienne knew all along what would work, yet her approach was to pass that knowledge to me, by giving me the opportunity to discover the difference for myself. In that moment, I felt like I was more…more than the girl in black, with more avenues into fashion, with more opportunities to be me.

I left that day feeling empowered and excited to hit the shops for my next chapter in styling…something I haven’t felt keen about in ages. The consultation has had a profound effect on my decision making when it comes to choosing clothes and stepping into colour. Armed with my swatch of hand-picked colours and a mental note of ‘styles that suit Janine’ now makes shopping a breeze. Demystifying my taste in clothes coupled with the practicalities of what works for me in and outside of business has given me the insight to dress with a newfound confidence.

I’ll be knocking on Lucienne’s door again when it is time to turn this new foundation of style into the second chapter.