New Year = New You

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Lucienne Gage Style Blog

New year = New you 2

Have you made a New Year Resolution? 

Lots of us make new year resolutions, like not having an alcoholic drink or eating vegetarian for one month. Or maybe this year it’s signing up to a virtual workout? For many of us our intentions are good, however a few weeks in and our resolve often starts to slip. All this focus on one of the coldest and longest months of the year. So we quietly give up on our resolutions and go back to old habits. Nothing changes.

In place of the usual cycle of starting then giving up, why not invest in yourself in a different way? Sign up with me to discover the colours that make you shine and smile everyday. Enjoy the clothes you love to wear, all the time.

Why now?  Why not, I say. Now is a perfect time to invest in you.

We all want to start the year off with a positive action. Do you have a big birthday with a 0 in this year? Do you have a family event that has been postponed, that you’re looking forward to? Have you lost weight and don’t want to live in leggings anymore?

Can the clothes you wear really make a difference to how you feel? 

The answer to that is definitely yes. We see the colours of our clothes everyday, all the time, subconsciously. We just take it for granted that we are wearing clothes. So imagine if you’re wearing a dark colour like black or navy, this is going to be absorbing light and making you feel drab, all day long. Just think about how much better you feel when the sun shines, compared to a grey day? So why do you dress in dark or drab colours everyday?

Not confident choosing colours? 

That’s why I am here, to show you the colours that work for you. And rather than giving you so many you don’t know where to start, I am going to give you a small starting palette, that will all work together. So you won’t have to dress like a rainbow.

Is this how you feel about clothes? 

“I never find anything I like.”

“They never look the same on me as they do in the photo.”

“I hate shopping for clothes.”

These are comments all my clients have made before working with me. This is because few of us have the skills and knowledge to understand which colours and styles work for us without simply plumping for the latest fashion trend.

This is why you need my help.

I am an educator in your style. Guiding you, and helping you discover how easy it can be to dress with colours and style, everyday. Helping you to reconnect with the real you.

Now isn’t that an investment in you that is worth making? And with my styling by the hour service you can get started online right now, call me for your free discovery call – 0191 474 0368.


How are your new year resolutions or pledges going?  For many of us these may be starting to slip already. So why not change things around this year and invest in your personal style.  I will be here to help and guide you to confident dressing with your own personal style. So grab a coffee or your favorite warm drink and find out more……….