How will we be shopping in 2021?

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Lucienne Gage Style Blog

Retail in the 80’s from the other side of the counter. 

I used to work in high street retail back in the 80s when it was a more personal service setting.  The internet was only just becoming part of our lives, and certainly wasn’t in our pockets. Some of the early mobile phones were like bricks and were only for the few. And you definitely could not see a web page on them. You had to wait five mins for a page to load on dial up. I wonder if you remember the Nokia ringtone? If you do I’m sure it’s now playing in your head. 😉

How has retail changed ?

Retailing has changed over the years, firstly we saw the inclusion of Sunday as a trading day. Then the out-of-town retail parks started to grow as rents in the high street went up. In the past few years we have seen the competition from large online retailers also hit the high street, and now the pandemic. It’s no surprise that the older companies like Debenhams and the Arcadia group have gone into administration. However I do feel for all the staff who are now wondering what to do next.

How will we shop in future ?

In the future, I can see us having a few select areas that cater for the high-end shopping experience, and there will be a place for the end-of-line warehouses. However these are likely to be based away from the high street. The rest of us will be at out-of-town outlets, with just the larger brands.

How do you see clothes ?

Clothes should be an investment. They are empowering and part of our sense of identity.  They say so much about us to the world and this should always be positive.

Do you like shopping online or prefer to touch and feel the clothes before you buy? 

Will the majority of people be forced to shop online for clothing this Christmas? How have you found this experience? Do you always shop online? Is it successful or do you end up sending lots back? Or do you love going to the shops?

Look out for my next blog coming soon: Shopping online – hints and tips.