Personal Styling : Natalie Morton

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Case Studies

Natalie Morton is a virtual assistant working with clients in the creative industry.

Natalie contacted me to find out more about my services. She had recently changed careers and was looking to rediscover her own personal style. She had also recently had a tattoo designed for her. She is on a journey of self discovery.

Natalie was very interested in colour, so this was where her first chapter with me started. She sought my guidance because, even as a creative person herself, she still found it difficult to see exactly what worked for her on a personal level.

Natalie came to my outdoor studio in person and saw the connection to the right colours immediately. She was then intrigued to see the colour palette I chose for her to begin with. We also looked at make up colours, to work with her palette.

Since her first chapter with colours Natalie has gained confidence in choosing the right colours when buying clothes. She has purchased a lovely warm scarf with many colours from her palette that will work with all of her wardrobe – perfect for the Autumn months.

If you would like to know what Natalie thought about working with me please see her review below.

Natalie’s review from Google:

I had always wanted to get my colours done and Lucienne did not disappoint! The whole time I felt relaxed and at ease and I came away with a whole new colour scheme and a greater sense of self confidence. I can highly recommend NCS to anyone who needs a revamp or a new direction. Well worth it!