Personal Brand Styling : Lara Mellor

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Case Studies

Lara Mellor is a professional independent trainer for Microsoft software.

I met Lara, pre-Covid, at a Business Northumberland event. Natural and relaxed in person, Lara admitted to me that she hated shopping for clothes. We discussed her visual image and both agreed it didn’t reflect either her personality or her professional brand.

We chatted and explored her work, her style, her personality. She saw shopping for clothes as a waste of time, a stressful activity and one which she really didn’t enjoy.

Lara explained that her clothes needed to be practical to suit her job – she spends a lot of time crawling under desks, sorting cables. She visits various office environments so needs to dress for all temperatures too. Lara talks with her hands so her clothes needed to be unrestrictive.

With a professional photoshoot for her new website looming, this was the perfect time to discover Lara’s colours and have a personal shopping trip with me.

Her colour analysis, the first chapter, revealed her warm skin tone, which means bright colours bring her to life – the exact opposite of her life-long choices of navy and black. She loved how the colours worked with her skin tone and her confidence grew to leave the darks behind and reach for colours instead.

Lara loved her second chapter, a personal shopping trip. Having learned what colours suited her skin, we set about removing stress from shopping.

We met at the Metrocentre and had a plan to find clothes for her photo shoot and new work wardrobe. We explored colours, fabrics, styles and clothes that she’d never normally have considered.

A couple of months later when we met up at a networking event, it was fantastic to hear everyone’s compliments to Lara. Remember these were people who already knew Lara, and now they saw her in a different light. She had a confident and professional image to match her personality.


I provided chapters in personal colours and personal shopping for Lara that fitted her needs. Our sessions together gave her the confidence to show her personality through her clothes in her professional wardrobe.

The outcome was an empowered Lara who beamed with confidence during her photoshoot. She was happy, comfortable and knew she looked good in all her clothes – everything you need for good personal branding.

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