Personal Brand Styling : Karen Goldfinch

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Case Studies

I have known Karen for a number of years and she had helped me lots of times with mentoring and ideas for my business. It was my privilege to be able to help her discover her first chapter with colour.

She was looking to launch a new business, ‘Your Business Pilot‘ and asked for my help with which colours to wear for a photoshoot that would compliment her new branding and colours.

Karen has also lost weight and been awarded the Slimming World title of ‘Woman of the Year’ in her group. She was desperate to buy a few new things, and wanted to invest in the right colours for her skin tone. It was also something that she had wanted to do for a long time, but like many of us, put herself at the bottom of the list of her priorities.

In my view, this should be part of our Continual Professional Development. It’s an investment in our future and how our clients see us.

We worked online and found Karen’s starting palette. When she saw the difference the right colours made she was amazed. It was like someone shining the sun onto her with a mirror, while the wrong colours were taking vitality from her complexion, making her look tired.


Working with Karen to discover her colours gave her the opportunity to see the real differences between the right and wrong colours for her. It also ensured that she understood why the right colours for her world were not the right ones for others. This enabled her to have the confidence to shop for her colours for her new professional wardrobe. Gone are the days of hiding in black.