Three Chapters of Personal Brand Styling : Janine Weightman

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Case Studies

After our free discovery call, which I have with all my prospective clients, Janine and I  identified that she needed help with more than just colours. She was at a turning point in her life, going from employee to new business owner. Janine is experienced in her field and has worked across the world in a number of different countries. We needed to reconnect Janine with her style and add more of her personality into her personal branding, while keeping her look professional and personal.

Chapter 1- Body Shape

We started with body shape to ensure that Janine understood the right styles of clothes to buy for herself. So often we buy a style because the media suggests we should be wearing ‘the latest trend’. In reality, many of us are wearing the wrong styles of clothing for our body shapes. This has the effect of feeling uncomfortable in our clothes, so they stay in the wardrobe instead of being enjoyed. Janine loved the rock chick look but found it hard to dress this down for work, which is why she was drawn to loose clothing. I explained to her why this style was completely wrong for her curves.

Chapter 2- Style Personality

Next we moved onto her style personality. In this consultation we looked at Janine’s personality, discovering how she likes to work, what makes her smile, and her communication style. Once we had tapped into these it was easy to give her a few more pieces of the jigsaw to create her own personal style. We looked at the types of fabric to look for, as well as the pattern and scale of these. Personal style is all about how we put outfits together and the little finishing touches that bring an outfit together. Our individuality makes all the difference to our personal style.

Chapter 3 – The magic of colours that work for you

For this chapter Janine came to my studio. It was so lovely to meet her in person after all our time working together, online.

Together we discovered Janine’s colours. These are the different shades and tones of colours that light up our complexions – they are different for all of us. Janine needed the depth and warmth of the Autumn palette. This ranges from the vibrant, bright orange-reds to the dark chocolate brown. I selected a starting palette of colours that would work for her, with her logo, her branding and her skin tone. I selected colours that would all work together, whether she was working online with clients, or in person.

Gone were the days of black. She had discovered a new window into the world of colour, especially for Janine and her new business. Janine is loving the colours and the knowledge she learned from her time with me. In her words, she now has “the insight to dress with a newfound confidence”.  

What Janine said about working with me:

I’ve heard of people ‘getting their colours done’ so I thought, why not give it a try. I wanted to understand the colours that were right for me and also complimented my business brand identity. What I got from my sessions however was more than a colour palette. Through her structured approach, insightful questions, and expert eye, Lucienne helped me revolutionise my understanding of myself and my style. The consultation has had a profound effect on my decision making when it comes to choosing clothes and stepping into colour. Armed with my swatch of hand-picked colours and a mental note of ‘styles that suit me’ now makes shopping a breeze. Demystifying my taste in clothes coupled with the practicalities of what works for me in and outside of business has given me the insight to dress with a newfound confidence. I’ll be knocking on Lucienne’s door again when it is time to turn this new foundation of style into the second chapter.


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