Work from home : How should you dress? Part 1

by | Oct 30, 2020 | Lucienne Gage Style Blog

In these strange Covid-related times, it looks like many of us are going to be back working from home. This may be something you’re looking forward to or dreading.

There are pros and cons of working from home:

✓ Pro: no traveling to work – hopefully you gain that time back into your day.
✘ Con: you’re always thinking about work and find it hard to switch off.

Changing your clothes is a great way to mentally switch from work mode to home mode.

Do you have a WFH wardrobe?

Whether you have already been working from home, or this is new to you, have you thought about the clothes in your wardrobe? It’s very easy to slip into full casual clothes, or maybe even dress as two completely different halves, above and below the desk.

I was part of an online networking group recently when we were asked for fun to show what we were wearing below the desk line. I am happy to say that nobody was in their underwear or PJ bottoms. However, it was really surprising how many were in joggers or leggings and slippers.

You may think it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, however it can add to the confusing scenario of you subconsciously thinking, “Am I at work?” This happens even more so if you’re working from the dining table or the sofa. This can affect what you manage to achieve in a day.

Some of us needed the reassurance of routine and work to keep us going through these unprecedented times. Others have slipped into a more relaxed routine, whereby as long as the work gets done it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. However, if you’re in meetings with other colleagues, they may form a different opinion if they see you in your PJs.

Mindset and clothes

Changing your clothes really can help to change your mindset, especially at the start of the day. This simple thing can help your brain focus on work, rather than all those other mundane tasks that always need to be done in the home. We often make a big thing about our children having new school uniforms – they feel smart when they go into school and feel like they belong. It also helps to set their minds to learning mode. So why don’t we take this approach to our working from home wardrobe?

It may be that you’re not sure what to wear when we are working from home? After all, we may not have the formal office environment around us, or the same health and safety rules to consider. So we often go the other way with no rules – we relax into comfy, and often bland, clothing.

I’m not saying that your clothes should not be comfortable. They definitely should be. However, unless we work in the sports industry, we wear different clothes for sports than we do for work. Let’s take a minute for that thought to permeate in our brains.

So what to wear to be comfortable, and professionally presentable, to work from home?

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be looking into this in more detail.  So sign up for my next newsletter.