Work from home: Which colours ? Part 2

by | Oct 30, 2020 | Lucienne Gage Style Blog

Why is colour so important to our clothes?

Colours really do matter. They can make you appear tired and drained even at the start of the day. Or healthy and naturally glowing, at the end of the day. Even when you’re tired from all the online meetings or screen work.

Are you scared of colour?

Many of us are. This could be because we have never been encouraged to try and wear different colours. Or that at some point someone has told us, in an authoritative way, that we definitely should not wear a certain colour. In reality there are so many shades of each colour so there will always be one you can wear. It’s just about discovering the ones that work for you as an individual.

Colour analysis is a very useful tool, especially in our online visual world. It will show you the colours that work with your natural skin tone and eye colour. There really is a science to discovering the colours that work for you, as an individual. Knowing what those colours are will help you build your work from home wardrobe, to ensure you are seen and remembered – and of course, will help you make that all-important first impression.

Think about your colour in relation to your online background
As well as thinking about the colours that suit you, it’s also crucial to think about how they work against your background. There is simply no point in having a lovely branded banner or Zoom backdrop if you blend into this with your clothes. All people will see in the tiny screen of online meetings is your background and not you. So ask yourself, are they going to remember me or even read my name or am I just going to be another face at the meeting? This could lose you important awareness for your business and result in missed opportunities.

Many of us believe we should always wear black as it goes with everything. In fact, black takes from many other colours, and there are only a handful of us who can wear it well. Are you one of the few? How would you know for sure? The only true way is to discover this for yourself with a colour analysis chapter with me.

Colour analysis

I break this vast subject into two chapters. First, in chapter one, I’ll help you build your confidence with a small colour palette just for you. Then in chapter two we build on this to fine tune your courage colours and how to use colour combinations. You will learn how to wear the colours that work for you. Creating your own individual wardrobe of colour.

The skills you learn with me will help you dress with confidence, from your professional wardrobe, to WFH and your casual clothes. They become your personal brand with your individual personal style.

Doesn’t that sound a lot less scary than you first thought?

Let me help you discover the colours that work best for you and create that all-important first impression. All down to the power of how you choose to dress with your personal brand and style.

Look out for my next blog when we will be looking into how formal your work from home wardrobe should be.